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Jun 23, 2010

Laptops, I Phones, Blackberry, I Pods and many more gifts absolutely (almost absolutely) free

  • How does this work? 
All you need to do to receive a gift is sign up (http://gifts.freebiejeebies.co.uk/252267), complete one offer yourself, and refer friends to do the same. Simple!
  • I can’t complete an offer myself. Can I still receive a free gift?
Yes, if you are unable (or unwilling) to complete an offer yourself, we give the option of exchanging three of your completed referrals for your own offer credit. If you would like to do this, please contact us through Support once you have at least three completed referrals.
  • Where do we get our money from?
We are paid commission for each offer completed by you and your referrals and we use this money to pay for the gifts.
  • Can I continue to receive further gifts from my account once I have received a gift?
Yes. Once you have received a gift, your account will be reset so that you can start again.

  • What is a referral, and how do I refer people?
A referral is someone who joins our site using your unique referral link – you will find this on the Refer Friends page of your account.
  • Can my referral sign up using my computer?
No. We cannot give credit for referrals who sign up to our site or complete an offer using the same IP address as you.
  • Are there any time limits for obtaining referrals?
No. There are no time limits on any of our sites for obtaining referrals, so you can do this as quickly or slowly as you like and you will be eligible for your gift whenever you have met the requirements.
  • Can I refer people who live in a different country?
Yes, our sites are open worldwide. You can use the same referral link (found on the Refer Friends page of your account) to refer people from any of these countries.
  • Do my referrals have to complete an offer themselves to count towards my gift?
Yes. We receive commission for each offer completed by your referrals and we use this money to pay for your gift.
  • How do I know if my referral has completed an offer?
As soon as your referral signs up using your referral link, their details will be included in a list on the My Status page of your account. Their own account status will be displayed, so you will be able to see if they have completed their own offer or not.
  • When is my account verified?
Once you have met the requirements for a gift, a ‘verify’ button will appear on the My Status page of your account, and you press this for your account to be verified.
  • Will I be charged any shipping or delivery costs?
No. We cover all associated costs with getting your gift to you.
  • How long will it take to receive my gift?
Once your account has been verified, your order will be processed, and gifts are normally ordered within 2-3 days of accounts passing verification.
  • What if the gift I want is out of stock?
We will try to purchase the item you have requested from a number of reputable websites, however, sometimes items are in high demand and we are unable to obtain stock. If we are unable to order your gift within a reasonable amount of time (usually a few weeks), we will contact you and offer you an alternative gift of your choice up to the same value of the gift you have verified for. Alternatively, you may be offered 100% cash alternative to enable you to purchase the gift yourself.

If you are wondering whether it is real or not, you may want to check out pictures of gifts received by people like you below. And if you still doubt that, then see what others are saying on http://www.exceem.co.uk/forums/freebiejeebies/ Come to think of it, even if you get nothing at the end, what have you to lose?

Warning! Limited countries are allowed to participate, and thankfully, Nigeria is included.  Indians and Philippines have just been recently banned; please don’t engage in any scam activities so that Nigerians will benefit from this program. Take advantage of this opportunity. You may never have it so easy again!

Click on http://gifts.freebiejeebies.co.uk/252267 to register!
For enquires, call Tunde: 08038033753 (8am-6pm, Mon-Fri.)