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Jun 30, 2011

Meet Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg's No-Nonsense Girlfriend

Meet the Lady Mark Zuckerberg is in a relationship with, Surge Desk finds out.

1. She's been with Zuck since college
Although "The Social Network" made it seem as though Zuckerberg's ambition was driven in part by his failures with women, the truth is he and Chan have been dating since their college days at Harvard. They met at a party while waiting in line for the bathroom; Chan later told The New Yorker that she thought Zuckerberg was "this nerdy guy who was just a little bit out there."

2. He offered her a job, she offered him candy
When Zuckerberg left Harvard in 2005 to focus on Facebook full time, he began recruiting classmates for positions at the facebook (as it was then known). According to The Harvard Crimson, Zuckerberg was sitting outside after a campus recruiting session when Chan walked by:

"Hey Priscilla, do you want a job at the facebook?" Zuckerberg asked a passing friend.

"I'd love a job at facebook," Priscilla Chan '07 responded, offering him a Twizzler.
3. Their relationship has rules
Author and tech journalist Sarah Lacy has written that Chan has imposed strict rules on her relationship with Zuckerberg -- not because she doesn't trust him, but because he's such a workaholic. One of the top rules: "One date per week, a minimum of a hundred minutes of alone time, not in his apartment, and definitely not at Facebook."

4. She helped spark Zuckerberg's interest in China
Chan, who is Chinese-American, brought Zuckerberg on a trip to China in 2010. (Their holiday included some business meetings, which prompted speculation about Facebook's interests in the Chinese market.) To prepare for the visit, Zuckerberg studied the Chinese language every morning.

5. She's on Facebook
That's a no-brainer, right? According to the publicly available portion of Chan's Facebook page, she's into cooking, photography, learning Spanish, working with kids and visiting warm locales.

Source: aolnews.com

Jun 25, 2011

Guess What - New York Governor Signs law Approving Gay Marriage

Governor Andrew Cuomo made same-sex marriages legal in New York on Friday, a key victory for gay rights ahead of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections.
New York will become the sixth and most populous U.S. state to allow gay marriage. State senators voted 33-29 on Friday evening to approve marriage equality legislation and Cuomo, a Democrat who had introduced the measure, signed it into law.

"This vote today will send a message across the country. This is the way to go, the time to do it is now, and it is achievable; it's no longer a dream or an aspiration. I think you're going to see a rapid evolution," Cuomo, who is in his first year of office, told a news conference.

"We reached a new level of social justice," he said.
Same-sex weddings can start taking place in New York in 30 days, though religious institutions and nonprofit groups with religious affiliations will not be compelled to officiate at such ceremonies. The legislation also gives gay couples the right to divorce.

"I have to define doing the right thing as treating all persons with equality and that equality includes within the definition of marriage," Republican Senator Stephen Saland said before the bill was passed. He was one of four Republicans to vote for the legislation.
Source - Yahoo News

Cigarette Packs to come with Warning Images

Graphic images, including a man blowing smoke from a hole in his neck, are aimed at getting smokers to quit. But experts warn that consumers may grow complacent about them.

With the unveiling of nine graphic images that will adorn every cigarette pack sold in the U.S. starting in fall 2012, government officials and outside experts predict there will be an initial wave of smokers who seek help in quitting. But they caution that regulators will have to refresh — and possibly dial up — their message so that consumers don't grow complacent about the omnipresent warnings.
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How Random - Gerard Pique Meets Tony Blair, Shakira Stares

Wondering what is going through shakira's mind

Ini Edo Denies Feud With Oge Okoye

Remember the spreading rumor that they had a big fight at a location when Ini accused Oge of eyeing her husband, we were told that the fight went as far as "going physical" BUT Ini Edo went to twitter to debunk the rumor.

She wrote: "I wish to tell everyone that the online story about oge okoye and i having a fight is a load of lie. i was told that HIGH SOCIETY OWNED BY CHARLES WAGBARA published this lie without confirming de story frm me,my publicist, de producer or Oge.i hv nvr had a fight wit oge in lagos or uyo nor anyway else.this is the height of unproffessionalism.

Jun 24, 2011

The Death of bra - Top Celebrities that rocked the "Nipple Tape"

The day cometh when wearing bra would become a thing of the past, thanks to Hollywood Celebs who had always spearheaded and dictated fashion trends. People like Lady Gaga, Stella Mouzi are bent on increasing the economic value of black cello tapes and soon enough, ladies will be carrying one of these in their handbags.

Missy Elliott: I Have Graves' Disease

Missy Elliott just announced she has Graves' disease -- an incurable autoimmune condition affecting her thyroid.

Elliott tells People, she was diagnosed with the disease in 2008 -- and has been receiving radiation treatment to help alleviate symptoms like dizzy spells, lumps in her throat, mood swings, hair loss, and bulging eyes. Missy adds, "You live with it for the rest of your life."

According to Missy, the radiation was a help, but other medication made her pack on the pounds -- which she's been able to counter through exercise.

The disease isn't fatal -- and after treatment, Missy claims things couldn't be going better, "My thyroid is functioning, so I haven't had to take medication in about nine months."
Source: TMZ

Jun 20, 2011

Viral video: “I Wanna be a Nigerian” so bad music video; American students channel Travie McCoy/Bruno Mars to rep Naija

A group of American students made a video titled “I Wanna be a Nigerian” mirroring Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars’ “I wanna be a billionaire.” They made some apt cultural allusions.
According to one of the students:
The purpose and point of this video was to make a video about some of the things we learned about a few of the countries we studied this year in our AP comparative politics class. We picked Nigeria because it was the country we found the most interesting. And also because our teacher has been multiple times and never stops talking about how much he loves it.

Jun 16, 2011


Reports from Eyewitness "My office window shook vigorously in Abuja and everyone ran out like it was an earthquake, minutes later, the sirens blew all over the place only to see anti bomb squad and firemen! Well, dey said it bomb?

Struggling single mom sells Obama letter - Asking Price is $11,000

Destiny Mathis, a young woman in Indiana, reached out to President Obama for a sign of hope in tough economic times, and was initially thrilled to receive a handwritten reply from the president. Now, however, the same economic hardships that prompted her to write to Obama last November have prompted her to put up the letter for sale on an auction website--marking the ninth such sale of an Obama letter that the online auction service has handled.
Mathis, a single mother of three from Indiana, wrote to the president that even though she graduated at the top of her college class and worked for years as a surgical technologist, she had lost her job in January after complications with her pregnancy. "I am so afraid this dreaded economy is going to have my family homeless," she wrote, according to NBC5, the Chicago network affiliate. Mathis is now weeks away from being evicted from her home.

The president wrote back a handwritten note on White House stationery. "Please know that things will get better for you and your family," he said. You can watch the NBC5 report on the letter's sale above.

The 26-year-old is now selling the note to Gary Zimet, who has sold eight other letters from the president so far for up to $20,000 on his site, Moments in Time. He's asking for $11,000.

Tobey Maguire (Spiderman) Named Face of Prada

Tobey Maguire is the face of Prada's menswear collection. Maguire models Prada's Fall/Winter 2011 collection in the new campaign. The Hollywood Reporter stated that Maguire was personally selected by Miucca Prada.

Maguire said in a statement, "A great supporter of the Arts, (designer) Miuccia Prada has inspired a culture of creativity that is woven through every aspect of her company, from her collections, her campaigns, to every design detail in her stores. I have such admiration for her artistry and I'm thrilled to be a part of Prada's fall campaign."

Jun 15, 2011

Ryan Giggs starts phone hacking action against News of the World

Ryan Giggs ‘starts phone hacking action’ against News of the World

The Manchester United midfielder has been at the centre of a media storm about injunctions

Footballer Ryan Giggs has launched legal action against the News of the World over claims his mobile phone was hacked, his lawyer has said.

The Met Police are investigating claims the paper hacked into the messages of celebrities between 2005 and 2006.

The Wales and Manchester United star was recently at the centre of a row over the use of injunctions to stop claims of an affair becoming public.

News International, which owns the paper, has declined to comment.

It comes as the company acknowledged former Sun and NotW editor Rebekah Brooks had been shown documents by police which proved her voicemail had been illegally intercepted.

The Met Police’s Operation Weeting is investigating claims that staff at News International’s News of the World newspaper had hacked into the phone messages of celebrities and other public figures from 2005 to 2006.


News of the World seems to be branding themselves as Wikileaks Celebrity version and By the was, Lawsuit should be the least of Ryan's worries

LOL: Mathematics in Niger Delta College


Beyonce Caused a Scene as Woman Fall While Trying to Take her pics

Looking fresh faced and gorgeous, Beyonce caused quite a commotion at the airport in Nice, France. Fans went head over heels for the singer, literally! One woman was trying to snap a photo and tripped chasing the music superstar through the terminal.

 Seems someone was waiting for it to happen, the whole thing was captured on camera.

Hugh Hefner’s Wedding Cancelled

Sources at the Mansion revealed that Crystal and Hef had a nasty argument this weekend on the phone. When the dust settled Crystal decided to 86 the nuptials and quickly moved her stuff out.

Jun 12, 2011

Nigerian Born - Capt. Ademola Fabayo Gets Navy Cross Award (the second-highest award for valor in the military)

"Fabayo was born in Nigeria but considers himself a New Yorker"

Capt. Ademola Fabayo and Staff Sgt. Juan Rodriguez-Chavez are both immigrants to the United States, both Marines and, most important of all, both heroes of a rare order.
On Friday, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus presented both men with the Navy Cross during a ceremony at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The Navy Cross is the second-highest award for valor in the military, surpassed only by the Medal of Honor.

They were on a mission with two platoons of Afghan troops and some other U.S. Marine and Army trainers to meet village elders in Ganjgal, Afghanistan, on September 8, 2009. They knew the village was in a dangerous valley.
"The valley, which is located very close to the Pakistani border, is a known approach route for insurgents," Mabus said at Friday's awards ceremony.

Their fears were realized when some 50 Taliban fighters attacked their column.
"As that column approached the village, just before sunrise, every light in the village went off. And minutes later the world became fire," Mabus said. "From three sides of the column, over a distance of two-thirds of a mile on either side, rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire began to rain down."

Source: CNN

Read the rest of their Heroic act here

Jun 6, 2011

OFFICIAL - First Man to be Totally Cured of HIV AIDS!

The rate at which the deadly HIV aids kills is almost equal to the rate at which scientists are researching for the cure and right now, they seem to have reached a major breakthrough that will answer a lot of question
The story of the man scientists call the "Berlin patient" is so remarkable and has generated so much excitement among the HIV advocacy community.
Timothy Ray Brown suffered from both leukemia and HIV when he received a bone marrow stem cell transplant in Berlin, Germany in 2007. The transplant came from a man who was immune to HIV, which scientists say about 1 percent of Caucasians are. (According to San Francisco's CBS affiliate, the trait may be passed down from ancestors who became immune to the plague centuries ago. This Wired story says it was more likely passed down from people who became immune to a smallpox-like disease.)

What happened next has stunned the dozens of scientists who are closely monitoring Brown: His HIV went away.
"He has no replicating virus and he isn't taking any medication. And he will now probably never have any problems with HIV," his doctor Gero Huetter told Reuters. Brown now lives in the Bay Area, and suffers from some mild neurological difficulties after the operation. "It makes me very happy," he says of the incredible cure.
The development of anti-retroviral drugs in the 1990s was the first sign of hope in the epidemic, transforming the disease from a sudden killer to a more manageable illness that could be lived with for decades. But still, the miraculous cocktail of drugs is expensive, costing $13 billion a year in developing countries alone, according to Reuters. That figure is expected to triple in 20 years--raising the worry that more sick people will not be able to afford treatment.

Although Brown's story is remarkable, scientists were quick to point out that bone marrow transplants can be fatal, and there's no way Brown's treatment could be applied to the 33.3 million people around the world living with HIV. The discovery does encourage "cure research," according to Dr. Jay Levy, who co-discovered HIV thirty years ago, something that many people did not even think was possible years ago.
You can watch Brown talk about his cure in this CBS video report.

Yahoo News Report

Jun 5, 2011

Funny Pics - Children of Nowadays

See as the guy open mouth dey enjoy the game.

Video: Yung6IX Feat. Wizkid ----- Follow me.

Video for the Official Single from Yung6ix titled “Follow me” featuring Wizkid directed by Bobby Boulders.stylist. I love this song.

Rooney gets hair transplant, Secret Leaks

This was supposed to be a secret but I'm sorry, you are Wayne Rooney so......No secrets. Rooney's rapidly receding hairline has been a sensitive subject for him in recent years. He said as much when teammate Michael Owen cracked a joke about it on Twitter not long ago. Given that, it should come as no surprise that he decided to take action against his fleeing follicles.

100 Most Influential People In Africa

New African Magazine released a list of 100 most influential people in Africa and among them are;

Genevieve Nnaji, Oluchi Orlandi, Nneka, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Oby Ezekwesili, President Jonathan, Aliko Dangote, Prof. Attahiru Jega, Gov. Fashola, Jim Ovia, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Tony Elumelu, Prof. Chalres Soludo were among the Nigerians listed as influential in Africa. Other Africans include, Nelson Madela, Kofi Annan, Robert Mugabe, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Idris Elba, Didier Drogba

Jun 4, 2011

Internet Access is Now a Human Right

According to the new United Nations (UN) report released on Friday, internet access is now a human right. This is a big boost to this project which is poised to use the power of the internet to promote Nigeria and Nigerians all over the world. With 43 million Nigerian internet users as at June 201