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Mar 27, 2011

Snoop Dogg, The Game and Warren G all showed up for Nate Dogg's funeral

Snoop Dogg, The Game and Warren G all showed up today for the funeral of Nate Dogg, held at the Queen Mary Dome in Long Beach, CA.

Jim Iyke set to Marry Jamican Girlfriend

Nollywood Bad Boy, Jim Iyke has confirmed he is getting married to his his Jamaican model fiancé, Keturah Hamilton. The pairs met while he was filming in the US

In a recent interview with a Kenyan tabloid, Jim Iyke says he has been a victim of bad press.
“I am a methodical actor, I don’t’ do half measures. I don’t do it with the interpretation of the director or by the script. I do it because I am full of conviction on the character,”

Jim further said that the public has never got the opportunity to know about his private life and the only thing they know about him were the ones seen in the movies.
In his own word, he said; “Yes, it is true. I have found the woman of my dreams and we are in love in totality. She is the embodiment of all that I have been looking for a tall, pretty, exotic and supremely intelligent woman.”

Warri Slangs and Their Meaning

Bust my skeroo===>Blow my mind
Baff up   =====> Dressing up nicely
Shenkiz/cury=======> Chics
Shedas /peper/kishi======> Dogh, mulla, money
Peper rested =======>Having lots of cash
Sort ========> Bribe
Olokpa======> cops/police
Skilashi ======> knows how to play football very well
Jand =========>Overseas
Aproko ========> gossiper
Yan (wetin i dey yan) ==========> Talk/flow/gist (wat am i saying)
Kpakpa =========>Dope, marijuana
Gbedu =========> Music
Lekpa ==========> Thin (usu used for smbody)
Lakpalakpa========>Many Rash On ur head
I no send u! =======> Dont care wat u say or think
Ehen? ======= So?
Bash ======> Party
Odeshi ======> Charm
Jones ======> Slack
Mumu ======> Fool
Just dey lad/show ===> Just coming
Ehen?=======> so?
Job ======> 419
Shak up/shyo =====> drink alcohol
Fash(i/y)   ========> Forget
Jack========> Read
blow-blow ======>Balloon
U dey Kolo=======>You are Crazy
Yanga/effizy======> Show off
E dey waka come small small =====> He's walking dwn slowly
Fabu/jege =====>Lie
Hot stepper =====> Know how to dance
All join/everyfin folo =====>All included
Shit 4 church ======> Messing up
Backside/yansh====> Buttucks
Kak =======> Sit
Floss=======> Living large
Yawa don gas o =====> There is trouble
Kawa =======>Run/move
Agbero=======> Tog
Demor =====>Act up
Ojoro=======> Trick
Gbege======> Trouble
I hold my side =====> i got my back
Kpro ====> Relax
Jeje =====> Easy
Lajest=====> Living

I just dey land =====> I'm just coming
D shenkiz dem jst dey matrix=====> The ladies are just tripping

Discovery - Spoiled Foods Can Be Safe to Eat

Is it OK to trim off the moldy parts of cheese, fruit and yogurt and eat the rest?
Hard cheeses (cheddar, Parmesan, Swiss) are safe to consume once you've removed the moldy portion and about an inch around it. But beware of fuzzy or odd-colored spots on soft cheeses (goat, cottage), as well as produce and yogurt. Mold spreads easily on these foods because they're moist, so it's best to discard the whole thing, advises Christine Bruhn, Ph.D., director of the Center for Consumer Research at the University of California at Davis. Mold in the veins of blue cheeses and on the rind of Brie and Camembert is supposed to be eaten; for these varieties, abide by the use-by date. What if you accidentally eat some "bad" mold? The taste will likely tip you off before you consume enough to become ill. 

Dele Momodu Engages Naeto C on Power

Naeto C lives in a glass house but feels comfortable throwing stones around. Can he please tell me what his mum who was former Minister of Aviation in PDP during Obasanjo's regime - Mrs. Kema Chikwe achieved or what problem she has tackled as ambassador of Nigeria to Ireland? It is easy for the silver spoon artist to talk of increasing tariffs in the power sector considering the status of his family but we cannot afford to increase tariffs on power for the average man on the street without showing them we can properly manage the current mega watts we have. And yes we the average Nigerians that can't afford more than "I-better-pass-my-neighbour-size-generator" will rather have for a start, a properly planned zonal allocation of the electricity supply we currently have such that we know in advance when we will have light in our homes or offices and plan ahead rather than sometimes wait for weeks to have electricity.

Naeto C got his BSc in yankee and Msc in Scotland. I bet if he had to study under the heat of Nigerian universities he would appreciate the zoning of electricity better. Cos I know the benefits I got studying in yankee compared to what folks have in Naija. But I can easily understand why rich kids like Naeto C will have a problem with that. Where in Abuja or Lagos does Naeto C live? I wish Naeto C can leave his villa and come to Ajegunle for a month where the light is always low current even when they decide to bring it and neighbours in face me I face you ROTATE small generators that can't even keep water cold not to talk of warming food in the microwave.

Is Naeto C too young to be a commissioner for power in Imo State with all his connections? Let him use his brilliant ideas on electricity generation there so we can see that talk isn't as cheap as 10 over 10! " - Bamikole Omishore

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Maritimers shut down lights during Earth Hour

HALIFAX — Large numbers of Maritimers showed their support for Earth Hour on Saturday evening.
Nova Scotia Power reported an estimated 18-megawatt reduction in power consumption between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Saturday evening.
That represents the equivalent of turning off more than 1.4 million 13-watt compact florescent light bulbs.
NB Power reported its customers turned off lights that resulted in a power drop equivalent to 24 megawatts.
Earth Hour is an international campaign organized by the World Wildlife Fund that encourages individuals and organizations to turn off their lights and reduce electricity use for one hour to raise awareness about climate change and the need for energy conservation.

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Fire Guts Venue Of City People Awards This Evening.

Reports coming in say that fire has just gutted the Balmoral Hall, venue of City People Awards just as the event was going on this evening. Tuface Idibia, Genevieve Nnaji, Sen. Florence Ita Giwa and many politicians were at the venue when the fire started...

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Mar 26, 2011

Yeka Onka Wins Nigeria Idol

The winner is  Yeka Onka "the lady on the left" She gets N7.5million, a car, a record deal and many other great prizes

Mar 8, 2011

New Video - Darey Ba Ni Kidi (Teaser)


M.I Launches New Video - Undisputed

Check out the first video off the first single from his Album M.I 2

Pics of Whitney Houston's daughter snorting cocaine

Last week, pictures of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter Bobbi Kristina, 18, snorting cocaine showed up on the front page of The National Enquirer. The teenager in a statement released later said it was a set up by a greedy ex-boyfriend who made the photo look like something it wasn't.

Well, another picture has surfaced making it look like exactly what it was..she's snorting cocaine.

Chief Bode George Responds to Critics

Those who came to welcome me, they branded as celebrating corruption. What a joke. They call me ex-convict; look, I won’t be the first and won’t be the last. Mandela was an ex-convict, Baba Awolowo was an ex-convict, and these are great men. They made it look like you being there, you are finished. If you don’t go through fire, you can never rise beyond mediocrity and ideology. You cannot!”- Ex-Con, Chief Bode George.

Mar 7, 2011

Behind the Scenes Video of Uncle Snoop and D'Banj


New Music; 9ice - Health is wealth feat Kwam 1

9ice is back with new single for 2011 ,and this time ,he brings K1 de ultimate in the song titled "Health is wealth ".Both of them give advice on how to live a healthy life in the melodious song

Mar 3, 2011

Fela! The Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical Comes To Lagos From New York In April

FELA! the multi TONY award winning broadway musical finally comes to Lagos between April 20th -29th 2011.

Find out more on their website here

Buy Fela's Complete Recordings Here 

Kevin Chuwang Pam and Elizabeth Gupta finally got Married

From Linda Ikeji "Did y'all know that BBA winner Kevin Chuwang Pam and his BBA house mate Elizabeth Gupta are now married? The lovebirds got married just this Sat, Feb 26th in Abuja. This has got to be one of the most amazing love stories ever. I mean, she couldn't stand him in the house for three months, now she's marrying him? Wow, so happy for them"

Check out their pics 


 Reception Venue


Is Kanye West working with D'Banj and Don Jazzy

Coming off the back of their successful collabo with Top U.S Rapper Snoop Dogg, Rumors were rife that Don Jazzy and D'Banj are on the brink of Working with Superstar Rapper and Producer Kanye West, They claimed He approached them at a show in Dubai sometime December Last year...Many waved aside the rumors as just mere fallacy that was until it was confirmed of sorts earlier this morning by Kanye Himself (pls see Tweet above).

Kanye West Tweeted at Don Jazzy's and D'Banj's Handles telling them to come back to New York ASAP as they stil have work to do.

This is almost unbelievable...Cant wait for how this would turn out Knowing the Helluva producers both Kanye and Don Jazzy are....

They replied thus:
DONJAZZYmohits @kanyewest yes boss. see u soon
iamdbanj @kanyewest oooossssheee no worries boss. coming soon

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez caught Kissing

These two are rumoured to be dating and arrived at the Oscars together....PopCandies TV caught the two sharing the sweet moment on camera while they left the star-studded Vanity Fair aparty.
Selena, 18, and Justin, who turns 17 on Tuesday (March 1), held hands as they arrived at the party and stayed close to each other the entire evening.

M.I Buys Brand New Range Rover Sports

M.I recieved an immense backlash from fans on twitter when he tweeted picture of a second hand Mercedes benz C- Class. Now he stepped up and got a Brand New! Range rover sports. Let's give our man a big applause. He is mouthed.

And to those twitter followers that back-lashed him, abeg make una tweet una own car make we see

HOT: Inception - Starring - Leonardo Di Caprio, Ken Wantanbe

InceptionScience-fiction features often involve time travel or strange worlds. In Christopher Nolan's heist thriller Inception, the concepts converge through the realm of dreams. With his trusty associate, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a fine foil), Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio, in a role that recalls Shutter Island) steals ideas for clients from the minds of competitors. Fallen on hard times, he's become estranged from his family and hopes one last extraction will set things right. Along comes Saito (Ken Watanabe, Batman Begins), who hires Cobb to plant an idea in the mind of energy magnate Fischer (Cillian Murphy, another Batman vet). Less experienced with the art of inception, Cobb ropes in an architecture student (Ellen Page), a chemist (Dileep Rao), and a forger (Tom Hardy) for assistance.

During their preparations, Page's Ariadne stumbles upon a secret that may jeopardize the entire operation: Cobb is losing the ability to control his subconscious (Marion Cotillard plays a figure from his past). Until this point, the scenario can be confusing, since the action begins inside a dream before returning to reality. Then, after the team gets to Fischer, three dream states play out at once, resulting in four narratives, including events in the real world. It all makes sense within the rules Nolan establishes, but the impatient may find themselves much like Guy Pearce in Memento: completely confused. If Inception doesn't hit the same heights as The Dark Knight, Nolan's finest film to date, it's a gravity-defying spectacular to rival Dark City and The Matrix. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

New Music by Terry G - Akpako Master - Free Download


Protector [Kindle Edition] By Lawrel Dewey

ProtectorLaurel Dewey has crafted a memorable tale full of mystery and emotion in this debut novel.

Denver Homicide Detective Jane Perry is a hard-nosed, no-nonsense cop who is on the verge of a breakdown. She was physically abused by her father years ago, and the emotional turmoil from that abuse keeps rearing its ugly head. It has driven Jane to the bottle, and she has separated herself from everyone who tries to get close to her. When her latest case ends in the death of an innocent child, Jane doesn't know how much more she can take.

Suddenly Jane finds herself in the middle of another case where a young girl's life is in danger. Emily Lawrence's parents have been brutally murdered, and Emily is the only witness to the crime. As Jane and Emily draw closer together, they discover that they share an uncanny psychic connection that neither can explain.

As Jane takes on the role of Emily's personal protector, she begins to discover the ugly truth behind the murder of Emily's parents. Jane must now put her life on the line as Emily's protector while she finds a way to bring justice to the killer who wants Emily dead.

Laurel Dewey spins a fantastic suspense yarn, but this story is driven by the relationship of Jane and Emily. Jane finds hope and redemption through her connection to Emily, and Emily's character is captivating as she slowly chips away the wall that Jane has built around her emotions.

This is a story that will tug at your heartstrings, and Dewey reminds us of the importance of family and relationships.

Armchair Interviews says: This is an outstanding beginning to what is sure to be a successful writing career for Laurel Dewey.