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Sep 3, 2009

Sunmbo Ajaba's Breakup with Tu Face Idibia

The news of his break up with Sunmbo Ajaba last week actually came to our notice when our reporter stumbled on the facebook profile of Sunmbo, who had changed her relationship status from in a relationship to single. Quite surprise, we scrolled through her profile and there was a stunner. She wrote “It all started well, then it got complicated, but it’s over”

In a telephone chat with Sunmbo, she didn’t hesitate to confirm the story saying “It is real. I am single but not searching. We actually broke up on Saturday August 15th 2009, I was on vacation and was spending time with him and then something struck me, and that prompted me to ask him if he still loves me. I was surprised when he couldn’t say yes or no. That was a sign that something was wrong. So, I went ahead to query him on it and it became his decision that we should break up. I was not expecting it. Initially, I thought it was because he was going through some pressures, but I later found out it was what he wanted. We talked about it like matured minds and that was it. You see nevertheless, I will still say that it could be because he’s going through a lot at the moment, or the devil is trying to push him against me, because I pray for him a lot, or the devil is trying to mess him up. I didn’t fight back so I gave him time, but he insisted that we should not be sleeping together any more.

Since I changed my profile to single on facebook, a lot of people have commented and I am very surprised at their comments. It has been very encouraging. You know that feeling when you break up with someone? Rather than cry or want to kill myself, I was relieved. That I felt relieved doesn’t mean I don’t love him anymore. I love him and will always do, I pray for him a lot. People don’t understand him but the truth remains that he’s a very loving and caring person. He has a good heart and dating him was fun at the beginning and like I wrote on my facebook page, it got complicated later. Tuface has been through a lot, that if an ordinary man goes through half of it, he would have given up the ghost. He is very strong.

I was relieved when he broke up with me, but I was like, will it affect our children? We gave birth to those kids with a lot of love, so it won’t affect them except that daddy and mommy won’t be spending time together anymore. I think it is a lesson for a lot of people. You see I don’t want to live in denial. He is a good man but he has to correct a lot of things. These are things he can’t change. I still love him and will always do. Like it is in the bible, Jesus had 12 disciples and knew that Judas would betray him some day, but he still thread that path with him till the end. I am a very decent person and even if the devil wants to mess you up, you don’t want to stay in that mess. We got it going on very well at the beginning, I loved him and he loved me to, somehow something went wrong.

You see a lot of people said it from the beginning that our relationship was altar bound, but sometimes some things happen and you just have to let it go. I don’t want to get married because of children, but because of love and all that can make a marriage work. I have been with Tuface for seven years and my relationship with him has made me a strong woman and it has strengthened my spiritual life. He has taught me a lot and has become my source of joy but it’s all over now. I’m not fighting anyone over him. I am out of the picture and I am happy to be who I am now”

by Afolabi Adekoya of City People Magazine