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Jan 2, 2011

Rihanna and Matt Kemp Splits

Rihanna is single again.....She split up with her professional- base- ball- player bf, Matt Kemp a couple of weeks ago...
This is how Us weekly is reporting it.....
Us Weekly reports that the once jet-setting PDA loving couple Matt Kemp and Rihanna are now on Splitsville Lane:

    “It happened over the last few weeks,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “She basically was just over it. It was never as serious as it looked. It was always just [about] having fun,” says the source. The L.A. Dodgers outfielder also couldn’t “keep up with her crazy travel schedule” and just wants “something more normal,” added the source. "Matt's sick of always following after her like a puppy dog all over the world. He wants something more normal," the source adds.

Several weeks ago a video surfaced of Matt and a friend leaving dinner with the paparazzi following their every move.  When a female fan ran up to him, viewers assumed he was cheating with her and "got caught."   Several friends and sources of Rihanna's say that was not the case at all and the female was simply a very young fan.  And also "not Matt's type."  The very young girl looked nothing more than a fan to us as well.  But rumors took off and people began to believe it as true.