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Feb 19, 2011

Long Run, Short Catch Unearths the Underworld of Illegal Immigration

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Long Run, Short Catch Unearths the Underworld of Illegal Immigration
Philadelphia, PA—January 3, 2011—What happens when an escapee from her priest-turned-alcoholic father wakes up one day and finds out that her new groom is a fugitive and her father-in-law is Philadelphia’s most wanted?

The answer lies with Asama Iwuoha in her memoir, Long Run, Short Catch: One Woman’s Desperate Attempt to Discover If Normalcy Actually Exists on Earth, ($14.95, 210pp., tpb) as the Maryland native teaches the true importance of the saying, “Look before you leap.”

Long Run, Short Catch shines a light on the controversial issue of illegal immigration in the U.S. from an unprecedented point of view, provides insight into the Nigerian and Jamaican cultures, and brings awareness to the long-run psychological effects of bad parenting and child abuse. It also shows how stalkers take advantage of Mapquest, and how Facebook can lead to the demise of a marriage.
Asama Iwuoha, a Nigerian-American author, received her B.A. in Broadcasting from Temple University. She is currently working on establishing a non-profit organization for at-risk youth.


ISBN: 978-1456309497
eBook ISBN: 978-1456600136
For more information, a review copy of the book, or an interview, contact:
Asama Iwuoha
Email: Asama.iwuoha@gmail.com