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Mar 27, 2011

Dele Momodu Engages Naeto C on Power

Naeto C lives in a glass house but feels comfortable throwing stones around. Can he please tell me what his mum who was former Minister of Aviation in PDP during Obasanjo's regime - Mrs. Kema Chikwe achieved or what problem she has tackled as ambassador of Nigeria to Ireland? It is easy for the silver spoon artist to talk of increasing tariffs in the power sector considering the status of his family but we cannot afford to increase tariffs on power for the average man on the street without showing them we can properly manage the current mega watts we have. And yes we the average Nigerians that can't afford more than "I-better-pass-my-neighbour-size-generator" will rather have for a start, a properly planned zonal allocation of the electricity supply we currently have such that we know in advance when we will have light in our homes or offices and plan ahead rather than sometimes wait for weeks to have electricity.

Naeto C got his BSc in yankee and Msc in Scotland. I bet if he had to study under the heat of Nigerian universities he would appreciate the zoning of electricity better. Cos I know the benefits I got studying in yankee compared to what folks have in Naija. But I can easily understand why rich kids like Naeto C will have a problem with that. Where in Abuja or Lagos does Naeto C live? I wish Naeto C can leave his villa and come to Ajegunle for a month where the light is always low current even when they decide to bring it and neighbours in face me I face you ROTATE small generators that can't even keep water cold not to talk of warming food in the microwave.

Is Naeto C too young to be a commissioner for power in Imo State with all his connections? Let him use his brilliant ideas on electricity generation there so we can see that talk isn't as cheap as 10 over 10! " - Bamikole Omishore

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