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Apr 22, 2011

Peter Okoye - I am not getting married anytime soon

Sad news for the single ladies, one of the ripest, hottest and cutest bachelor in Naija was quoted in an interview with nigeriafilms.com that he's not planning to walk the aisle anytime soon.

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You celebrated your birthday recently. How old is P-Square now?

P-square is 30 years old.

So, how has it been?

It’s been awesome; God has been on our side. Nobody is above mistake, we’ve made a lot of mistakes but today we do good music representing Africa and Nigeria, and people are like leave Psquare alone, they’re doing the right thing. We feel fulfilled, happy and honoured.

Basically, there have been various speculations with respect to the amount of money spent on this magnificent house. What figure would you give?

I can’t give out the figure. They can say whatever they like but you should figure it out. What do you see? There are 10 bedrooms with Jacuzzi, Master bedroom with all closets, Swimming pool, basement, living rooms, gym, recording studio and three offices. So what else do you want to know? You’ve been into the house yourself so calculate the figures yourself.

When you both get married, won’t your wives cross each other’s path since you’ll be living together in the same house?

This is Peter and Paul; it’s a twin duplex, five rooms and three rooms. One side with two rooms at the BQ. The only thing we’re sharing together is the swimming pool.

So you think nothing is going to change when you walk down the aisle?

It’s just two houses in one place, so nothing would change. But trust me this house is only temporary because in another 2/3 years from now we’re going to get bigger than this, trust me.

So you’re saying you’re definitely going to get bigger than this?

Yes because every two years we’ll change apartment.

What’s your next agenda and what are you looking forward to?

People are going to see more of P-Square. The good thing is that, for God to have taken us this far we have a lot to do and we want to lead people positively. So that’s what we’re out to do.

Are you going down the aisle anytime soon?

No, I’m going down the aisle with my music