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Aug 18, 2011

CNNGO.COM Ranks Nigeria 5th on World's Sexiest Accents BUT

After rating other countries with sexy accents,  cnngo.com got to Number 5 and said;

Some Nigerians are actually worth giving your bank account information to.

Famous tongues: King Sunny Adé, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde
Dignified, with just a hint of willful naiveté, the deep, rich “oh’s” and “eh’s” of Naija bend the English language without breaking it, arousing tremors in places other languages can’t reach. Kinda makes the occasional phone scam worth the swindle.
Sounds like: The THX intro with teeth

Forget about what's in the title and the whole story, it's all bulls**t. How much of a compliment does this sound?

Just when I thought the whole "Nigerian Scam" thing was beginning to cool off, I stumbled on some interesting articles this week and now this.

First - I read an article on Forbes by Peter J Reilly- "Nigerians Switching from Greed to Fear" talking about a scam mail he received and blah blah. He later changed the title after being criticized for characterizing Nigeria as a whole. 

Check out readers comment;

Ofem wroteAs a Nigerian who lives in Nigeria and earns an honest living from what I do I frown seriously when persons like you take the actions of a few; to malign the whole. I will NEVER excuse fraudsters and their schemes but would be nicer if you find positives about Nigeria also to blog about rather than just blogging about what a group of less than a 1000 out of 150m people have decided to do.
I would like to see you do more about finding out positives to report about my dear country. I love Nigeria… Just the way you will die for America and I am PROUD to be Nigerian 

Peter J Reilly repliedSorry for ill chosen title. It may well be that the letter writer is not even from Nigeria. Since I mainly blog on tax issues I may not have much to say about Nigeria, but your point is well taken.

Fisayo WroteWow! How typical. Give the entire nation one blanket and shove them all under it. I took time to read your very diplomatic (probably written by your publicist too) reply to ofem’s objection to this very narrow minded, “wanna- be-witty-or-at-least- tongue-in-cheek” article, and I say it’s the pin-up for bad form. I’m Nigerian, I live and work in Nigeria, I’m a trained journalist, years younger than you are, but I think I learnt a whole lot more about objectivity under that “blanket” than you have managed to garner in the entire course of you career. Change the title at least. Not everyone will think to read the small comment you put up after you were called out. Your prejudice is showing a bit too much.

Peter J Reilly repliedYou have been a journalist much longer than I have I would think. I’m just a part time blogger. Don’t have a publicist yet. 

and then J Reilly trying to wipe off the guilt and appease the ANGRY readers, wrote an article as a form of apology and replied with

I think you make a very good point and I have written something to emphasize it. http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterjreilly/2011/08/10/fraud-has-no-nationality-apology-to-nigeria/


Same week, I read an article on cp-africa.com, Getting the next 50 million Nigerians on Broadband and just like I thought, the article received a lot of "Nigerian scam jokes " like the ones below.

RT @kookiedoo Getting the next 50 million Nigerians on broadband (because you can never have enough 419 scams!) http://tnw.co/pAZiRY #futurewebRT @DrewFG ry“@TheNextWeb: Getting the next 50 million Nigerians on broadband http://t.co/RFSqmcB by #herecomemore419scams @simon_button@paulquilliamRT @zeffri Getting the next 50 million Nigerians on broadbandhttp://is.gd/r09qCj <~ nope, not money scams. Fer serious

All these thoughtless articles embedded with scam jokes about Nigeria is not funny at all, I'm sick of reading them, I think it's high time we raise our voice in whatever way we can and scream to the whole world and whoever cares to listen that "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" I'm sure J Reilly will think twice before writing such a provoking article.