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Apr 25, 2009

Muma Gee Denies Romancing Timaya‘s Manager

Daring and pretty singer, Muma Gee, has made news many times. 
Her music may not have been as hot as Beyonce‘s, but Muma is one babe who hardly gets annoyed.

She is, however, not happy over a gist that is going on in the entertainment circle. It is being alleged that Muma has found a new beau in the person of Timaya‘s manager.

Busybodies claimed that Muma had made Timaya‘s Alausa, Lagos abode her second home, as she was always there to frolick with the crooner‘s manager.

But speaking to Life and Beat, Muma denied dating the guy in question. ”I heard and read that story and it got me so angry. What kind of nonsense is this? Timaya is from Bayelsa and I am from Rivers. Is it a bad thing if I go and visit him?

“Why can’t people say something positive for once instead of looking for bad things to talk about or write?” she queried.

Concerning the alegation that they kissed in public, Muma fumed, ”You know me so well; do I look like somebody who would be kissing in public?

“I don’t always react when I read or hear negative stories about me, but this particular story really got me angry.

“The guy in question is just a young boy. If I were to date, why wouldn’t I go for Timaya instead of his manager?