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May 27, 2011

Comparing the American slum to the Nigerian Ghetto

I am sure most of you are familiar with stories and images of a Nigerian struggling child trying to survive, some stay under bridges and the lucky ones "in the ghetto" If you are not familiar with the picture, I'll recommend you go watch some Nigerian Movies (FREE) on Youtube (Powered by Nollywood Love).

 Brianna Karp
Now I just read the Yankee Version of being a homeless child. I read the story of how a 23 year old Brianna Karp moved into an old trailer a relative had left her (the relative committed suicide earlier that year) after losing her administrative job in the summer of 2008. It got interesting when I read that she was living without electricity, regular showers, home-cooked food, and most basic conveniences, I mean that's very harsh.

On the other hand;

Brianna has a Laptop, Internet access (she blogs about her experience), she tweets, she once visited her bf in Scotland - which turned out to be her lowest moment, she has also written a book while living in the slum -u mean all these in the slum
The story sparked a lot of controversial comments as usual ok ok ok..go read it yourself